Debating Common Core standards for education

Can’t we just leave teachers and administrators alone and let them do their jobs? They have to jump through this hoop for these folks, then that hoop for another. I can understand why so many teachers simply get fed up and leave the profession. Is teaching actually a profession anymore or are they simply bureaucrats who implement directives from above? Directives that often treat other people’s children as the latest educational experiment.

Let’s quit telling teachers what to do, how to do it, and how often it needs to be done. If a teacher or administrator is incompetent, then help them improve or replace them. Otherwise let’s allow them to do their jobs and be held accountable by the results they generate. That is the only educational reform that is needed.

John Conlin, Littleton

This letter was published in the Denver Post online edition on August 25.

John Conlin

John Conlin is a self-employed management consultant who lives in Littleton, Colorado. He started End The Education Plantation because he’s seen first-hand the harm being caused by our nation’s schools and believes it’s time to do something about that. Join our email list for continuing updates. And get involved. We’re a grassroots organization.

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